How To Order

Ordering a DIY Kit

1. Choose you item(s) and place your order through my website. You can request any pigment, glitter, or flakes that you would like at no additional charge.
2. Wait time for DIY kits is approximately 4 to 6 weeks.
3. Follow the step by step instructions included in your kit to make your jewelry.
4. Reach out anytime if you have any questions at all. Contact information will be in your kit.

Ordering And Mailing Your Inclusions

1. Place your order through my website.
2. Send me your inclusions in the mail. You can find all the information on mailing your sentiments to me here


3. I have a 4 to 8 week turnaround time from the day I receive your inclusions. You can follow my spreadsheet here


4. Unless we speak prior, or you leave me very clear instructions, I will get in contact with you about the design of your stone prior to making it.

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Meet your artist

I'm your DNA artist, Shari Vaillancourt! Proud mother, wife, and dog mama. I sought out my own breastmilk jewelry in early 2021 after struggling to nurse my daughter. Two years later I would have never guess I have would made over 3000 pieces for others. I am truly blessed and living my dream job.

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