Cremation Jewelry

First and foremost, if you are currently reading this because you have lost a loved one or a pet, my deepest condolences to you and your family. 

All of my pieces can be made with ashes instead of milk. I only need a teaspoon of ashes, and if I have any left over I will send them back to you. When making your jewelry, I only take tiny dips of the ashes at a time to ensure than none of them are wasted. If I do have extra resin mixed up at the end, I turn them into free pieces of my choice so that nothing ever goes to waste.

If you are not local to Sudbury, I have specific shipping instructions to make sure that your ashes arrive to me safely. Please do not ignore these instructions. I'm not responsible for anything that happens to your package during the shipping process.

How to ship ashes:

To ship ashes, I recommend sending them in a small container that screws shut. Not a container that snaps shut like tupperware, but something with a top that screws like a small sauce container. In Canada, they usually sell plastic sauce containers in the kitchen area of most stores including some of the dollar stores. 
Then place the ashes in a ziplock bag. If you can't find a container that screws shut, please double zip lock bag the ashes. Lastly, mail the ashes to me in a bubble mailer. Bubble mailers are typically waterproof and sift proof.. These instructions offer several layers of protection to ensure that your loved one arrives to me safely.

Care of your cremation jewelry:

Caring for your cremation jewelry is very simple. The two big things to stay away from are acetone, such as nail polish remover, and anything with alcohol in it like hand sanitizers. This won't immediately deteriorate your stones, but repeat or prolonged exposure will cause damage to the stones. Its also good practice not to get the jewelry wet too often and don't wear it when cleaning or working out.