Shipping Information

Mailing your inclusions is super easy no matter where in the world you are shipping from.

Mail your inclusions too

Shari Vaillancourt
1-721 Lawson Street
Sudbury ON P3E 4H2   

Please check your junk or spam folder for your confirmation email. 

I recommend sending inclusions with a tracking number and to only send the required amount. Never send the last bit of your inclusions. I am not responsible for any lost or damaged inclusions during transportation to me. Once parcels, including inclusions, are dropped off at the post office it is out of my control and I am not liable for anything that happens. 

If you are mailing from outside of Canada, and they ask you what you are shipping and you're uncomfortable telling them its milk or ashes, declare it as "Jewelry Making Supplies". The post office will also ask you how much the item you are shipping with worth, declare its value as $1. 

The cheapest shipping companies that I know of:
Australia - Australia Post runs between $25+AUD
USA - USPS is $15USD with tracking
Canada - A stamp, or $15CAD Registered Mail
UK and Northern Ireland - Royal Mail runs anywhere from $13+EUR

I am always happy to include sentiments that are not listed below. These are just the most common sentiments used. Feel free to reach out and we can chat about making you a special keepsake.


I will need 5 mL (approximately 1 teaspoon) of breastmilk, double bagged in breastmilk storage bags. PLEASE write your name on every bag you put inside the envelope and mail it off in a thick plastic bubble mailer *not the brown recycled ones*. The breastmilk can be fresh, frozen, milk that is no longer consumable, or 10 years old. As long as the milk hasn't started to mold yet, it is safe for jewelry purposes.

If you do not have 5 mL, or wish to use donor milk, please reach out. I have several wonderful mom's who have passed on their spare milk, and I also don't need the full 5 mL for most keepsakes. Message me to chat.


I ask for a teaspoon of ashes. To send ashes, send them in a container that screws shut. I found little condiment containers at the dollar store that screw closed that were perfect for this. Then double bag them in ziplock bags and send it to me in a bubble mailer. I never recommend sending your loved ones ashes anywhere without tracking. Mail off in a thick plastic bubble mailer *not the brown recycled ones as they are not sift proof*. 

Please note that they usually don't mark the envelopes as sift proof even though they are, however they might say waterproof. That is the envelop you want. You just want to stay away from the brown recycled paper mailers as they are not waterproof or sift proof. 


If you are sending liquid formula, send 10 mL double bagged in breastmilk storage bags. If you are sending powder formula, send along a scoop of formula and include the water to formula ratio as I need to make it liquid to preserve it. Mail off in a thick plastic bubble mailer *not the brown recycled ones as they are not waterproof*.


Send along a pinch of hair as long as possible. When shipping, put the hair in a separate bag than any other inclusion like milk. If possible, tie a string around the hair to keep the hair together, this is helpful but not always possible. I will send back any extra hair that remains.


I will only need one placenta capsule. Double bag the capsule and send it in a bubble mailer. DO NOT SHIP ME RAW PLACENTA. I WILL open the capsule and put it back together when I am done with it. You will be sent back the capsule. For safety purposes, I highly recommend not consuming the remaining capsule.


Snip off a tiny piece of umbilical cord from the stump. It will usually crumble at the scissor site, send along all the little pieces if you can. Place in a ziplock bag and send in a bubble mailer. I sent the remaining cord back.


Snip off a piece of fabric. I don't need an entire outfit and I don't like cutting into anyone's treasured items so I prefer if you did. Send me an inch or two. If there is a special part you want included, mark it or leave me a note. Remember stones are small, often 2 - 10 mm. 


Double bag a sample in ziplock bags. Bag each sample separately if sending more than one to ensure every sample is included in your keepsake. Make sure the flowers are completely dried. If you think there is a chance the flowers are not completely dry, put a paper towel in the bag to absorb the moisture. 



If you plan to wear your piece everyday, I highly recommend sticking with silver or plated white gold jewelry. While plated yellow or rose gold jewelry is gorgeous, these pieces are meant for occasional wear and the plating will not hold up for everyday wear. It doesn't matter who or where you buy a plated piece from, the rose and yellow gold coloring will fade if you were it everyday no matter how well you take care of it. It can happen in days, months, or even a year of two if you are lucky but it will happen. This is not covered under warranty with me. Silver or plated white gold jewelry will not have this problem. None of the jewelry I send you will turn your skin green, black, or any unusual color. The metal is solid .925 sterling silver, unless stated otherwise, and is a very good quality metal. It is safe to wear everyday. The stones have the hardness of plastic, and will typically hold up against everyday wear. Be mind that these pieces are holding your precious inclusions and they are keepsakes. Be gentle with them.