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Mama's Milky Keepsakes

Mom and Baby Candle Holder

Mom and Baby Candle Holder

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Celebrate the bond between mother and child with this unique and meaningful candle holder, crafted using breastmilk or other cherished keepsake materials. Shaped into the silhouette of a mother gazing lovingly at her baby, this exquisite piece is united by a heart connecting them, symbolizing eternal love and connection. 

Perfect for honoring motherhood, this keepsake serves as a timeless memento, capturing the essence of those precious moments. Each candle holder includes a safe and warm LED candle, adding a gentle glow.

Cherish your journey of motherhood with this heartfelt keepsake. Ideal for personal use or as a thoughtful gift for new mothers, this candle holder brings warmth, light, and love to any home.

*Disclaimer: Resin is heat sensitive. Do not light wick candles using the candle holder. Only use battery operated candles like the one included. 

Important Information!!!

I offer a 12 month warranty of all pieces if something happens due to the making of the piece starting the day of purchase. Warranty does not cover shipping cost to or from. Turnaround time varies and you must contact me for a current estimated turnaround time. If you plan to wear your piece everyday, I highly recommend sticking with silver or plated white gold jewelry. While plated yellow or rose gold jewelry is absolutely gorgeous, these pieces are meant for occasional wear and the plating will not hold up for everyday wear. It doesn't matter who or where you buy a plated piece from, the rose and yellow gold coloring will fade if you were it everyday. It can happen in days, months, or even a year or two. This is not covered under warranty with me. Silver or plated white gold jewelry will not have this problem. None of the jewelry will not turn your skin green, black, or any weird color. The metal is solid .925 sterling silver unless stated otherwise and is very good quality metal. It is safe to wear everyday. The stones will hold up against everyday wear also, provided that you don't leave them outside, in a hot car, throw them in a pool or bathtub, or take them to the spa or something. Take care of your jewelry, these pieces are holding your precious inclusions. They are keepsakes and should be treated as such.

Shipping Information

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Can this piece hold etc..?
I can add whatever you want, into whatever piece you want. Ashes, formula, and soil work just the same as breastmilk so you are not limited to the piece(s) you can choose. For hair, fabric, flowers, etc I recommend choosing something with a bigger main stone and nothing like a stacking ring, so you can see your inclusions especially if you want it shaped any certain way or to see any particular pattern, lace, or texture. This is something we can talk about individually though for sure!

How much milk do you need?
Minimum 5mL or 1 teaspoon, 2 preferred.

How much ashes do you need?
1 teaspoon, I give back to anything extra

What do you do with the extra inclusions?
I keep milk for at least a year if there is anything extra that I preserved left over, all extra milk gets discarded. Any ashes or other inclusions get sent back to you.

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